EN 465 Zürich HB – Graz Hbf

You are driving de Euro Nightjet EN 465 “Zürichsee”, with the ÖBB 1116 loco, from Zürich HB to Graz Hbf. You are on your way from Buch SG in Switzerland to Feldkirch Bahnhof Austria, where you will pick up two car carriërs with destination Graz Hbf.

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Car transport to Landeck

Today you are driving a car transport, with a BR 189 loco, from Germany to Landeck in Austria. At Bludenz you will switch cabs to drive a joined ÖBB 1044 for the final lap.
You start at Wolfurt where you are stopped on a siding at a red signal, because it is, this summer late afternoon, busy on the main track. Since you have low priority you will be stuck after a local passenger service to Feldkirch. Keep an eye on the signals and your throttle!

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